Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Workshop

It's almost Christmas and though we are enjoying it in Texas this year, It is making me reflect on that time last year when the darling girls from and the talented Jenner Brown from Lumineux films came to our home and filmed a Christmas Holiday Workshop. I'm so happy to have it because I don't always remember to video the kids. Its a little treasure for me! You can watch it here.  photo Picture4.png

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Home

We are Moving to Dallas Texas! It was all confirmed a couple weeks ago. Ben is VP of American Dream Labs with Glenn Beck. After He did Man In The Moon, it's been a constant with him flying back and forth to TX. So the time has come, literally like next week! I'm so overwhelmed with getting the house up for sale and tying up loose ends but also so excited to take this new adventure. Last time we moved, I was 5 months pregnant, so it doesn't surprise me that I am doing it again about the same timing in this pregnancy. I was asked to feature my home over on White Arrow's Beautiful blog. I am so happy she asked me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have taken any photos of our home. We have loved living here in Highland, and it will definitely be missed!  photo IMG_9858w.jpg  photo IMG_9846w.jpg  photo IMG_9908w.jpg  photo IMG_9869w.jpg  photo IMG_9873w.jpg  photo IMG_9915w.jpg  photo IMG_9888w.jpg  photo IMG_9809w-1.jpg  photo IMG_9956w.jpg  photo IMG_9962w.jpg  photo IMG_9969w.jpg  photo IMG_9936w.jpg  photo IMG_9940w.jpg  photo IMG_9944w-1.jpg  photo IMG_9980w.jpg  photo IMG_9978w.jpg

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Im a slacker! but better late than never. last year I didn't make any costumes and was feeling pretty guilty about it which is silly but I'm weird like that so this year I tried a little harder and made Miles a "Max, wild things" costume. He is pretty Wild these days so it fit him perfectly and he even played the part once he got it on. Olea loves Scooby Doo and thinks Velma is the bomb and with her glasses fetish, she nailed it. Bella couldn't decide what she wanted to be but found this fabulous pink dress at the DI. I wanted to make an antler head piece and she agreed it was cool so she turned into a dancing deer. I think these are my favorite costumes on my kiddos so far, and this Halloween was the best. I loved watching Miles figure out that he could knock on doors and they give you candy. He still talks about Halloween.  photo IMG_9712w_zps182d8106.jpg  photo IMG_9755w_zps00307990.jpg  photo IMG_9743w_zps870c31d4.jpg  photo IMG_9763w_zps1823ee5a.jpg  photo IMG_9825w_zps4929675e.jpg  photo IMG_9781w_zps4aecc763.jpg  photo IMG_9815w-1_zps16ad16a5.jpg  photo IMG_0078w_zpsa5cdd6ad.jpg  photo IMG_0193w_zps3596c9be.jpg  photo IMG_0047w_zps56f138ce.jpg