Wednesday, October 31, 2007

its halloween!!

i had the cutest skunk costume for my stinky baby but when i tryed to put it on her it was way too tiny, so i used one of bellas swimsuits and put on some ears to make my little chunky leopard.

with the neighbors! left to right- alli, bella, gabbers, and a.j.

BOO! lol dont i look so mysterious!

leah made these super cute mummy cupcakes and brought some to us for a halloween treat! she's so talented!

in her hands 1.7 seconds after entering the front door!

happy halloween! well i tryed to get some good pics of the girls, but they were so wiggly, bella wanted to get out to trick and treat, mostly treat! gabby came over to go with us, it was so fun to see them all giggly and amazed at all the treats they were collecting.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the carving

last night we decided to carve pumpkins, or at least one pumpkin. bella helped ben pull all the guts out and i baked the seeds. it was fun to watch ben do his magic! he did struggle a bit when thinking of creating something so simple because he is used to creating masterpieces! we call this pumpkin...the scroeger! :}

Monday, October 29, 2007

olea grace

this is olea grace all ready for church, she looked so sweet i had to snap one. there will probably be many head shots of the girls to come.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

halloween party

ragedy ann just waiting to go to the party!

punkin love

my child as a redhead...bella decided that my red wig suited her better than the braids!

my beautiful cousin jessica!

so i got this camera from my friend leah, i am so flipping excited! ever scince my tenth birthday when my aunt xanthe gave me my first camera, i have wanted to take great photos. today we went with my cousin jessica and her family to a kiddo halloween party, and i decided to take the camera for a test...i'm in love!

grams in town

unveiling of bens latest painting

good looks run in the fam

bro and sis

what size shoe?

my girls

wednesday, ben had an unveiling of his latest painting at his studio. it is my favorite painting thus far. ohh... my husband is so talented it's crazy! it is now showing at the Springville Museum of Art.
my mama-in-law (Peggy) came down for the unveiling. its always a fun time when she is in town! on friday we attempted to go to corn belly's but it was too windy for the ladies (me, rach, and grams) so we went to the dinosaur museum instead. we had great fun, as always with grams! i love this lady!, she is so beautiful, and so inspiring!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

today's moments

it snowed!

the guys in there beenies

lela with aunt leah

my lucile ball!

i had to

yummy yummy rolls!

i was snap happy today, but there were so many fun moments that happened. when we woke up this morning there it was...the first snowfall of the season. i was not happy about it but bella sure was! she had to put on her coat and gloves and head outside to play in the snow. thank goodness it melted!
leah came up to visit this weekend and she, rach, and jack stopped by to say goodbye before they left for new mexico, so i had to get a couple pics of them. later on as we were hanging out before church, bella found, of course, the most bright lipstick in the house, but i decided to not get mad, just laugh and take her picture instead...she loves to get photographed! and my chubby baby, i just cant get enough of!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Im blessed

yesterday evening, i decided to take the girls on a walk. it was sort of a surreal experience, magical as bella would say! the yellow leaves were all over the ground and the way the sky was lit made the ground glow. the air had the smell of fall, the tips of the mountains were white. it was a perfect temperature and the girls were happy. i just felt thankful for life and for this moment surrounded in beauty!
i love my earth.
i love my god.
i love my girls.
i love my mate.
i am blessed!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

kitty coke

Bella put these ears on coke. this one makes me laugh so i had to post it. please ignor the harsh shadow.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bella Date

Tonight was a Momma & Daddy +Bella date! Aunt Cho (Rachel) was kind enough to offer to babysit Lela so we could spend some much needed time with Bella. she couldn't understand at first why Lela wasn't coming with us, but she became very understanding soon afterward and was in heaven as we strolled through Gardner Villiage with just Mom and Dad to see all the witches! It was so great to see her light up at all the fun sights they had there for Halloween. She even got to take a pony ride! Thanks Rach!! your such a great sister-in-law!!

Audrianna's tea party

the birthday girl

all dressed up

princess tea party

Yesterday was Audrianna's 4th birthday party and it was a dress up tea party, Bella was so excited she could hardly wait to get there! she had so much fun eating cake and candy bracelets. she fell asleep on the way home in her princess dress with frosting on her chin.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bella Kay

The other night as we were driving down the street Bella said...HEY YOU GUYS, STOP MOVING THE TREES! I CANT SEE THE LIGHTS. she thinks that our car is so powerfull that it brings our destination to us!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Teeth!

Its so nice having a friend that knows how to take great photos!! Leah, captured this picture of "Coke" (Bellas new nick name for Olea) and it shows off her two new pearly whites. These are the things that have kept me up all night for the past 2 months!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Papa Mark

Papa Mark and Sandy holding Lela, Bella was being too sassy to sit in.

I guess only two of us are happy today!

Cho, Dan, and Chan (Rach, Dan, and Jack) Love them!!

Papa (pa-paw) Mark and Sandy came into town this weekend. We had such a good time hanging out. Ben used his magic and made an amazing meal friday. Saturday was so rainy and cold, we spent time at Rachell and Dan's house and had an awsome lunch at the Porcupine Grill (highly recomended)! it was a great weekend, but my camera was dead so I stoll these pictures from Rachels Blog, Thanks Rach!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Its Fall!

It's finally fall! It was a cold evening the other night, but thought I would take the girls out for a little walk to breath in the crispness in the air, they looked so cute I had to take a picture. This other picture is of Lela with a sad face which doesn't happen that often...unless I step out of the room, but in this case I was wearing a hat!??

Cardon babies - October

Yesterday was our play-date with Rachel, Natalie, and Emily, (the cardon side) we all had babies really close together, and so we decided that each month we get together that we would take a picture of the babies to watch their growth. from left to right...Luke, Luke, Olea, and Jack.