Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My little brother Danny finally asked Jan to marry him! He did it on Friday, and came down to Moab to surprise us all! It was fun to see them both giddy!! More engagement photos to come!

Owen and Melinda

These two are so unique! I only get to see them when we have Family reunions, so this past weekend we took a few photos at the park. Owen is my cousin and his gorgeous wife, Melinda.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Walker Reunion, Moab!

SOME of our family! and I am having sizing problems, I may fix them, and I may not since it's a rarity that I have the computer!

the Walkers

The McDonalds

The Original Walkers...Mom, Grandma, Eric, Owen

Olea, and Grandma...beauties!!

Uly, Gar, kiddos playing and poor little Magnus got tagged by everyone!

This is Cora, she is truly scrumptious!!

Trying so hard to blow those bubbles out of there!

The park had this whole musical playground, and Bella was in heaven! She played those things for hours!!

A couple of fake worms, someones shoe, a headband worn like a visor, and a playground,....Olea's heaven!

This last weekend I took the girls down to Moab for the Walker Reunion, on my Mom's side. We spent the day at the Park visiting with all the relatives and eating a ton of food, then we had a photo fest! it was a blast!! Ben couldn't make it because he was working on his latest painting for his show in Sante Fe this coming Friday!! we missed you Daddy!!

Happy b-day Dalin!

check out this cake! Gina made it!!

I'm a little late, but Happy birthday Dalin! you are one of my favorite nephews! can I say that?? He really is a good kid, always helping with my kids and anything else I need! he will be a great husband/daddy some day! but not for a while! he just turned 16 and got his drivers license!! maybe some time I will be able to get some fun shots of him, he is so shy in front of the camera!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Girl!

The Cake that auntie Gina made!! She's amazing wouldn't you say?

Mini dipped apples.

Some of the decor before all the treats were out.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Yaeeeee! My Little Pony Ville!

Princess Paper dolls.

Very serious about combing her favorite Pony's hair!

Lela and candy

Sassiness....Bella, Audrianna, and Gabby

The new bike that Ben gave her the day before her party because he couldn't wait! she so happy, she's singing!

Sugar n' Spice and all things nice, that's what little Bella is made of!

Happy Birthday my Bella! I can't Believe you are already 4 years old! I love this girl more than life! she changed me forever and gave me meaning and purpose, fulfilled a dream and game me many more!
At four, my Bella loves, riding her new bike, playing dress up, dancing in front of the mirror, singing primary songs, eating salads and chocolate milk, going to preschool and learning new things!

Monday, September 22, 2008

September sunshine

Fancy mud pie!

Olea with her pink high tops on and her hair (pre-cut)


My dear friend Leah has been so helpfull this past week and has had Bella over to her house almost every afternoon so I could get a few things done. Here are some pictures of Bella and Isaac with their mud pie that they worked so hard on, and Olea with her new bob hair-do.
photo's, courtesy of Leah Wright

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hannah cakes

My little sister stopped by yesterday, and that very rarely happens! she needed some photos for a gift she is giving her boyfriend. I had so much fun, as much fun as when I would dress her up in doll clothes when she was little! I love you Hannah cakes, even if you are sassy and dramatic!;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The many faces of Olea!

Here are just a few silly faces of Olea! she was climbing up on the ottoman and jumping off. She thought she was quite funny and loved to hear my reaction to her falling! this is a perfect view of what this little character is on a daily basis.