Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old man in a shell

We are home now, arrived last wednesday the 25th, Olea's birthday at about 7:30 in the morning (3:30am Hawaii time). We got a shock of pain (cold) when we stepped off the airplane. I thought for sure we had passed winter, but no. My family suprised us with a warm welcome home filled with huckleberry waffles and whipped cream, and Leah brought over some much needed groceries! It's so nice to know we are loved!! Then on Friday we packed up again and went to New Mexico for new baby Jane and baby Norah's blessing. It was a lovely reunion, but didn't get to hold the babies as much as I wanted to, which was probably a good thing! I am now way far behind on pictures and have a ton of posts to catch up on!

This guy is old! and huge! he (I think) beaches in the same spot every other day or so. Ben and Sean found an even older, bigger turtle in the reef.

Catching fish, just for fun.

Does this crack anyone else up too?

Monday, March 23, 2009


The set of Lost is just down the beach from us. The first time I went walking alone down that way, it was just after the sun had set and there was no one else around but me, the sea, and the set of lost...I was totally freaked out!!!

Ben met Mr. Lock (Terry O'Quinn) while standing in line at Foodland. They had quite the chat. He is a very cool guy!

The beach where it all happened.


This is the ranch that is across the street from us. It is quite a strange sound to hear waves crashing, cows mooing, and a rooster crow at 4:00 in the morning!

This is a view through my sunglasses of Waimea bay.

The waves were huge this day, I almost got taken out on some rocks trying to get a picture.

This is a picture to show how big some of the waves were after they crashed.

oh to be a kid again!!

Me and my almost two year old!

Bella drew all of the Sponge Bob characters to perfection, Olea destroyed them before I could get a photo.

Here is Sean sculpting a hand with the peace sign.

what a masterpiece! Those dang artists can make beauty out of nothing! I have to admit that I did not cook a single meal hear. Between Ben and Sean, i was so hooked up with delicious food, and now I will be coming home with a souvenier on my rear, but the love was so amazing, I should have documented dishes!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy day smiles

I may have taken too many photos, but the rain made all the colors pop!

The girls wanted to play at a park, so we decided to take them to the elementary school across from pipeline to play on the play ground. It started to rain and we all hid under the slide and waited till it was just sprinkling to come out from hiding. We found these fun painted games and the girls went crazy!

Beach bums

I don't know what we will do when we get home and have no beach to play on!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dole Pineapple Plantation

When we first arrived here we drove right past this Dole plantation to get to our house and said that we had to check out that place. We finaly did, and it was one of those do it once sort of things! although, the pineapple ice cream was the bomb!!

The girls loved feeding these crazy fish, they were all on top of each other, flipping around and breathing air, and Im pretty sure that one white fish is missing an eye, maybe one of the other fish sucked it out trying to get some food. They were wild!