Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Home

We are Moving to Dallas Texas! It was all confirmed a couple weeks ago. Ben is VP of American Dream Labs with Glenn Beck. After He did Man In The Moon, it's been a constant with him flying back and forth to TX. So the time has come, literally like next week! I'm so overwhelmed with getting the house up for sale and tying up loose ends but also so excited to take this new adventure. Last time we moved, I was 5 months pregnant, so it doesn't surprise me that I am doing it again about the same timing in this pregnancy. I was asked to feature my home over on White Arrow's Beautiful blog. I am so happy she asked me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have taken any photos of our home. We have loved living here in Highland, and it will definitely be missed!  photo IMG_9858w.jpg  photo IMG_9846w.jpg  photo IMG_9908w.jpg  photo IMG_9869w.jpg  photo IMG_9873w.jpg  photo IMG_9915w.jpg  photo IMG_9888w.jpg  photo IMG_9809w-1.jpg  photo IMG_9956w.jpg  photo IMG_9962w.jpg  photo IMG_9969w.jpg  photo IMG_9936w.jpg  photo IMG_9940w.jpg  photo IMG_9944w-1.jpg  photo IMG_9980w.jpg  photo IMG_9978w.jpg