Friday, January 25, 2008

Lela's walking!

see this little mischevious face? I am SO in for it!

and this is a thing of the past! I am so sad that I didnt get any good pictures of her stink bug crawl!

Now I am dealing with this!

...and this!

But these two are starting to slowly become buddies! its so fun to see them play happily together, but I have a feeling that one of these days, Lela is going to be able to pounce on Bella and get her back for all these months of torcher!

My baby is officially walking! yesterday she crawled only 3 or 4 times throughout the day, and when Dad comes home now, she walks to the door while waving her hand and saying da, da! Its so cute but kindof sad that she is getting big so fast!


Katie Kempton said...

Wasn't this little missy just born? She IS growing up too fast! I love her face. I remember not being able to imagine Olea looking like anyone but Bella! But now she is so beautiful and they are so different with their own personalities. I love it!!! Congratulations on her walking!!

.caroline armelle. said...

wow, walking?
what a cutie. i fear my little guy is going to walk soon too, and i don't think i'm ready for it either.

Leah said...

I LOVE all of these. Watch out woman, she's a looker already.

Can't wait to see Coke in action.

~W E N D Y ~ said...

WOW!! She's almost 10 months isn't she?? I think Ethan is going to be an early walker as well. I'm not at all ready for it. I love that face --- watch out for that one!!

Cardon Family said...

Go Lela!!! I don't think that we will be walking quite so soon....we just barely started crawling!! Now she will really be getting into everything...she is beautiful and I love all those bum shots!!

rachel said...

That crawling pic is SO cute. I can't believe she's walking! The girls are adorable together.

Leah Finch said...

Oh my Goodness!!!! I love all of these! Olea is adorable!