Tuesday, May 27, 2008

beautiful day

Today, Bella woke up and told me her nose didn't work. It was really just stuffy, but she couldn't breath properly so it really concerned her! later that morning I found her out on the porch pulling petals off a rose and saying softly, "he loves me, he loves me not" ummm...she is only 3! and that concerns me! Lela had to get her shots this morning, she knew exactly what was going to happen the second we walked into the room. She screamed her head off when the doctor examined her, and then sayed with a smile "bye", and waved to him as he walked out. Why do my kids grow up faster than most? I seem to say to myself alot that I cant wait till they can ..... but then when they do, I am so sad that they are out of that last stage!


Cardon Family said...

man they are just too precious! that is so funny that bella was pulling petals off and reciting that....don't you wonder what is going on in her mind all day long!? and little olea....what a little smartie! i love her beanie!!!

Rachael said...

Bella is so hilarious! I love her little comments! I am loving the flower on the hat, a very nice touch. I hate shots...poor Olea is to smart for her own good!

Robert and Katie said...

Kristina~ I didn't know you got a new camera. What kind is it? The pictures are perfect! I love all the things Bella says that blow you away. She is a little genius :)