Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tiger lily and a little black kitty

They picked out what they wanted to be this year, and didn't change their mind! Bella was the perfect indian with those brown eyes and braids and since Coco plays like she's a cat 90% of the time, she had it down!
can't forget little miss Ga-Bee! (gabby)


katie said...

great costumes!! such a beautiful indian princess & a dang cute black kitty!

Leah said...

You worked wonders again. Love those two girls of yours.

.caroline armelle. said...

oh they are just too cute!

The Hillan Family said...

They would look cute dressed in garbage bags! I LOVE their costumes! Did you make Bella's?

Rachael said...

So dang cute! I heard coco loved it! I wish we could have seen them in person. Miss you guys!

Leah Finch said...

So Cute!!! We missed you guys too! When are you coming? I am missing you guys so much!!!!