Monday, March 29, 2010

doughnut cake from Grandma!

Thursday was Olea's birthday, but we weren't going to celebrate until Saturday when we would have her party. I was feeling kind of bad because I didn't have anything planned for that day, but told her it was her birthday when we woke up that morning, and she kept saying that she wanted a cake! then the doorbell rang and it was Grandma! She had the girls sit down and started layering up their favorite powdered doughnuts and told them a story of a little brown eyed girl that wanted a doughnut cake for her birthday, (it was me from a long time ago!) she lit the candles and Olea blew them out, she was so excited! and made for a perfect birthday!

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Jessica Stier said...

Too cute!!! Your mom is such a good grandma. Sorry we couldn't make it to the party. We were sad about that.