Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been trying to get out and take photos of my two dotters in the blossoms, so when my super talented friend, Leah offered to take some, I was sooo excited! we thought it would make for a fun Fathers day gift! and I am sure Ben won't see these till then because he is way too busy to go blog hopping, so I thought it would be safe to post!
this first one is of Olea and her bestest friend, Lucy!
Here is one I managed to get of Olea that I love! Bella was too busy exploring with Isaac for me to get one of her!


katie said...

AHH! i love these!! i have such beautiful nieces & i can't wait to see your boy!

love you guys!

i'm called, jac said...

I can not even stand how adorable these babies are! You are a talented lady. Babies and Pictures!

michelle said...

These are so cute!! Where is this orchard? My sister wants to find one up here to take her family pics at. We miss you guys. The new neighbors bought an annoying dog that whines all day LOL
We bought a house and are moving in 2 weeks YAY!
We miss you guys, we should get together this summer =)

Leah said...

Oh my goodness!!! Love these! Olea is getting so big! We miss you guys! And are counting down the days: ) I think we will be getting out there the middle of June - I'll call you soon - love and miss you!

kelly said...

Beautiful pictures & beautiful girls.