Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Rain Rain go away come again some other day
Bella went as Rapunzel, Coco as Dorothy, and Miles as a dirty old man. Jack (Dino) and Jane (Miz Bee) went trick or treating with us to all two houses. The rest of the night was spent handing out candy to all the sillies that braved the blasted rain.



Kiera said...

Sophia went as Rapunzel as well but I'm not going to show her this picture of Bella because she might get jealous of the princess element of the costume that I never considered.

Your kids are darling!! I loved seeing you the other day. It was a rare treat.

sarah marie. said...

the girls costumes are perfect!

Shutterfreek Photography said...

These are so great!!! What amazing little kiddos!

katie said...

love these littles. i love the girls costumes & miles' mustache. so cute.

Ashley and Matt said...

Hey Kristina,

So I don't have your number and I was wondering if we could get you to do some pics of our little family. We might even use Bob our horse. Your pictures you take are just so beautiful! Let me know.

-Ashley and Matt Cardon

aaron&marianne said...

oh- someone who likes to dress her kids up as much as i do! i love halloween- and your littles look smashing!