Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love my job!

Oh good, January is over! I swear, that month should be discarded!
Sorry to all those January birthday's at least you have something to
look forward to. I haven't blogged for a while part due to me working
on my blog book. I have finished two years and am now working on the third.
I thought I should get a shot of my sweet baby enjoying his two favorite
seats in the house before he out grows them which is fast approaching.
:( makes me a little sad, he is growing up too fast! He loves to jump in
his bouncer and I have to push his chubby legs into his Bumbo seat.
I'm so smitten by this boy! being a Mamma is the best job in the world!
-9 months-


Marlee Gennille said...

i love this post. he is so darling!

Kristin said...

he looks so much like your oldest!! What a cutie!

katie said...

ah I LOVE this boy. he is so sweet.

Melissa said...

He is adorable! Love his chubs...even if that means pushing him in that bumbo, at least he is sturdy right?