Friday, May 6, 2011

Miles turned one

My sweet baby Miles is one year old. That went WAY too fast!
From my journal, May 5th
I never knew that having a boy of my own would be so much fun!
Miles is a dream come true! He is so lovey, cuddly and sweet.
I love his scent, his big hair, the way his eyes go down on the sides,
his palms, the way he crosses his legs and curles his feet up to him
when he is sleeping, just like in the womb. I love the way he looks
when he wakes up, kindof swollen and bright eyed.I love how he
thinks he is so big and wants to be independent when feeding
himself and walking on his own. I love his little man body and how
he is everything boy! I knew that I would one day have you, Miles,
I just didn't know that you would fill my heart up to overflowing!!
You are SO delicious! I kiss you a thousand times a day,
and I love that you let me!

did I mention that he is walking, and even running? he took his first step a month ago
and is now cruising around. He especially loves the outdoors. This picture kills me!


sarah marie. said...

he is such a beautiful boy!

kelly said...

You have such beautiful kids Kristina!