Saturday, September 1, 2007

strike a pose!

gabbers and bella decided they needed to run through the sprinklers. when I brought the camera out they were all about striking poses! Bella is in her super hero outfit that her Aunt andrea bought for her. Its really supposed to be a swim suit, but when she came out wearing it Ben made up a whole skit for her and called her citrus girl!!


Leah said...

So cute! I think I heard these girls running around the other day.

aaron&marianne said...

OK- here is my pitch for dance class- take those two posing beauties down to the wonderful children's dance program they have at BYU. They start at three years old and wear little tights and leotards and they skip and gallop and swing and turn- it really is an exceptional program, based all around how a child views the world and how their bodies move in it. Ok, I'm done.