Sunday, September 30, 2007

Punkin Pickin

This is my view of Lela, cause we are inseperably connected!... I promise I didn't put a rubber band around her wrist!

My lovely husband carefully selecting pumpkins with unique stems!

Lela's pick

We actually managed to get a family picture...I'm so proud!

Bella's pick

Our friends, Brett and Niki Herbst, invited us over for some pumpkin picking and some waffles tonight. We had such a good time! Bella has so much fun out there at the farm its hard to keep track of her, she just runs all over the place! but I did get a few shots of her in the pumpkin patch.


Rachael said...

These are so cute. I love the hat on Lela. What a cute family!!!

Leah said...

Kristina! Yeah for a family picture! Member how I have NO pictures of us as a family? I love these, and I am DYING over the wrist shot!

aaron&marianne said...

Ben has got such a fun style- I love his hat and his whole relaxed, yet urban look. It's Pumkin patch time? Yikes! I've got to find where one is up here...

And 'Lela'- what a fun nickname for little Olea- You've got such beauty girls!

Katie said...

Hey You Guys... So you already picked your pumpkins! Wow! Fall is officially here. You guys all are so cute! And congrats on Olea crawling... let the fun begin! Love, Katie

Debbie Jones said...

I love being able to see everybody's kids grow up. And especially that little Olea--what a beautiful baby--I think these are the first pictures I've seen of her--Love the chub! Your family looks great--it's good to see what you are all up too. HOpe things are good. Wish we could see you soon!