Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy days!

Since we are up so early here, we like to take a walk down the beach and watch the sun come up. Olea will now only hold Bella's hand.

The girls favorite thing to do besides building sand castles is running down to the water and waiting for the wave to come in, then running away as fast as they can!

A rainbow came to add just a little more beauty if it's possible and once Olea saw it she took off walking towards it and was determined to touch it! she threw a fit when I ran after her and brought her back! she just kept yelling, eenbow eenbow!

I love how the light couldn't help but adorn the princess Bella with a halo and bracelet!


Anonymous said...

thanks for more pictures! the email you sent was perfect have you heard from anyone? g

Rachael said...

I want to be there sooo bad! What I wouldn't give to be laying out on a beach! So pretty! Miss you guys!!!

Leah said...

Gorgeous! Now I want one with YOU in it please. I need to see those darling swimsuits you got.

Leah Finch said...

WOW! No fair! That is paradise! Your pictures are incredible! ---- Wish we were there! Missing you guys

3 Peas in a Pod said...


It looks like paradise. The girls are such beauties.

Is your husband practicing yoga?

It's snowing here again although it was 55 degrees yesterday and the sun was shining. A nice little break before the storm.

Glad you're enjoying yourself.

Much love from NJ,

aaron&marianne said...

same request- we all want to see kristina in her swim suit!!! get ben behind the camera, please

Wendy said...

I agree -- we need to see Kristina, so we have proof she was in Paradise. Hehe

wendybird said...

All of these photos are SO beautiful! I LOVE the black and white the very most!

Carter Family said...

Wow! What fun!

Kiera said...

I was just scrolling through these beautiful pictures of yours and just fell in love with the rainbow shot. Wow! That is a beautiful picture. It should be on a postcard!