Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new days

These photos are from a little trip we took to Waiamea valley. It is like the garden of Eden! Peacocks gallivanting around, smaller birds singing in the many and various trees, flowers bursting with color, and a big waterfall you can play in.

oh see, I really am here! there was a man kind enough to offer to take our photo.

This is Bella with daddy going out to the water fall. she almost made it there but fell in and wanted to get out.

I didn't know what to call this post, I just thought I needed to post a few more pics. I lost my camera cord that downloads to the computer, so it has taken a bit longer than usual to post something. We have been enjoying the warm days, visiting different beaches, Waiamea Bay, Sunset beach, Turtle bay, watching all the surfers and just being lazy! I feel so lazy lately, and though it has been nice, I really need to make something, now if I would have just brought that sewing machine!


Jan Scarpino said...

The peacock is unreal.. The colors are absolutely stunning! I can't believe how much Coco is looking like Ben these days.. I never really saw either of you two in her until now. Her hair is getting so light from all the sun, it looks adorable

Cardon Family said...

I cannot believe how blue that peacock is! It is beautiful! It really is paradise over there and your pictures definitely prove it!

Leah said...

You ARE there!!! So happy to see your beautiful face with your family. Miss all of you!

michelle said...

Everything is so beautiful! The scenery and your family! I love seeing your pics to get my mind off the snow and 30 degrees outside here-you aren't missing anything! LOL

3 Peas in a Pod said...


What beautiful pictures. They're so crisp and clear. Totally living vicariously through you. We had 62 degree weather yesterday and it was gorgeous. Today it's blustery, grey and cold.

Send MORE pictures! :-)

Much love from NJ,