Sunday, April 19, 2009


Finally some beauty popping out from under the snow! big smile!!

Just the other day we woke up to this.

The same day, Bella thought it would be fun to run under the drips of melting snow falling off the roof! It only lasted about 30seconds!

I feel warmth today, and it's beautiful!


katie said...

these photos are amazing! love love love em!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

And what beauty it is popping out. Love the pink buds. My Grandma taught my kids to take their socks & shoes off and run out in the snow. They loved it. However the had on winter clothing. Not bathing suits!!

I started a photography workshop today and I can't wait to practice so I can start taking beautiful photos like you!

Much love from NJ,

wendybird said...

So pretty! I love the effects on th last one.