Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Olea Grace

If you ask Olea how old she is she will tell you "four" and well, she could possibly have turned four by just how mature and wild she is! her real birthday was on the day we got back into town, so we celebrated a week later. Auntie Gina made her darling cupcake cake. Olea dug into it the second we placed it in front of her.
Olea, Lela, Coke, Coco, are the names she goes by, and I love this girl so much! she has been pure Joy since the day she was born!!


Michael and Cordie said...

Happy belated birthday to a cute girl! I LOVE the cake!

katie said...

I LOVE this little girlie! she is a beautiful two year old. and what a fun cake!

Mariel said...

Beautiful family and you do amazing work! You're quite talented!