Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its a new year! and were starting off cold!

In trying to be a fun mom, even though it is way too cold for humans to exist unless under some serious snow suits, I bore the January weather and headed out for a snowman making! The girls could not get enough of the white stuff, they lay in it, and eat it, and try to smell it, and throw it around. I do remember a time in my youth where I actually enjoyed playing in the cold! but I did enjoy seeing the excitement on my girls faces as the snowman got bigger and bigger. He turned into a she, Bella named her Lola!


Elisha Trask said...

stunning!! I love the last one of bella.

katie said...

aw, how i love these two beautiful babes. excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks... its gonna be a GREAT weekend!!!

aaron&marianne said...

yay baby boy! i want to vote for names, her are ones i never got to use...mason, gage, gunnar, ezeckial (zeek), ollie, damon,-congratulation!

The Miller Family: said...

that snowman is pro.

ShutterFreek said...

I love the tones on these pix. u Rule!

Anonymous said...

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Amy! said...

I LOVE the snow :) Congrats on a baby boy!!! Excited to hear what his name will be!