Monday, February 27, 2012

The Yellow Piano

When I signed Bella up for piano which she so wanted to. I wasn't smart enough to think that we would
need a piano for her to practice on.
I found this gem on Craigs list for $150 and we knew right away that we had to give it a bold color.
We ran to home depot and picked out some swatches that we liked, peacock blue, mint green, Dark grey,
and bright yellow. I couldn't decide so Ben right away made things exciting. He laid the swatches on the
floor in a circle and grabbed a paint stick and said I'm going to stand this stick up in the middle and let
go of it and whatever color it lands on, thats what we are going for, so now we have a Yellow piano and
we couldn't be happier with it. It sure makes it bright and happy in that room it sits in, and Bella plays
her heart away.

This one is taken with the camera and not the iphone.


stella and olivias mommy said...

i'm so in love with that piano. i want to paint ours so badly!! have any tips?! :)

Mangelson's said...

So cute!!! Love the bold color.

Laura Galán said...

It's beautiful! With your permission, I will publish on Monday in my blog ;)

Naming you ofcourse


Arieliona said...

Love love it so much! I would love to know what yellow paint you used! And did you sand it or use a glossy primer instead? Thanks!