Saturday, October 27, 2007

grams in town

unveiling of bens latest painting

good looks run in the fam

bro and sis

what size shoe?

my girls

wednesday, ben had an unveiling of his latest painting at his studio. it is my favorite painting thus far. ohh... my husband is so talented it's crazy! it is now showing at the Springville Museum of Art.
my mama-in-law (Peggy) came down for the unveiling. its always a fun time when she is in town! on friday we attempted to go to corn belly's but it was too windy for the ladies (me, rach, and grams) so we went to the dinosaur museum instead. we had great fun, as always with grams! i love this lady!, she is so beautiful, and so inspiring!


The Hillan Fam said...

Wow! I can't believe Ben has done another amazing painting! I can't wait to see it. Your girls look darling in their matching outfits. I love when siblings match. Fun!

Rachael said...

That was fun! I absolutely love the red wig...she looks like you in those pictures!