Saturday, October 27, 2007

halloween party

ragedy ann just waiting to go to the party!

punkin love

my child as a redhead...bella decided that my red wig suited her better than the braids!

my beautiful cousin jessica!

so i got this camera from my friend leah, i am so flipping excited! ever scince my tenth birthday when my aunt xanthe gave me my first camera, i have wanted to take great photos. today we went with my cousin jessica and her family to a kiddo halloween party, and i decided to take the camera for a test...i'm in love!


The Hillan Fam said...

Bella is a doll!!! She looks so cute in every picture she takes and she really would look cute as a redhead- lucky girl! I have to ask... What kind of camera is that? I need a new one and I love those pictures! I'm serious!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the red wig. It's looks so cute. Your pictures did turn out so nice! I was going to ask you the name of Ben's new painting?? Nathan and I didn't even know about that one!! I hope Peggy got some pictures. We will have to go have her report to us. Love you guys. Katie

aaron&marianne said...

Oooo- such vibrant colors- I want a fancy camera! It looks like you are off to a great start taking wonderful shots!

Jessica Stier said...

The camera ROCKS!!! It's crazy how much a difference a good camera makes. Plus with your artist ability and talent you're going to be taking some incredible photos like crazy!!!