Sunday, October 21, 2007

today's moments

it snowed!

the guys in there beenies

lela with aunt leah

my lucile ball!

i had to

yummy yummy rolls!

i was snap happy today, but there were so many fun moments that happened. when we woke up this morning there it was...the first snowfall of the season. i was not happy about it but bella sure was! she had to put on her coat and gloves and head outside to play in the snow. thank goodness it melted!
leah came up to visit this weekend and she, rach, and jack stopped by to say goodbye before they left for new mexico, so i had to get a couple pics of them. later on as we were hanging out before church, bella found, of course, the most bright lipstick in the house, but i decided to not get mad, just laugh and take her picture instead...she loves to get photographed! and my chubby baby, i just cant get enough of!


Rachael said...

These are all my favorite things! I love that bottom shot! What cute kids we have!

Katie said...

I can't believe it really snowed already! Wow! How cute, Bella has to wear her tiara to go outside. How fun! Love, Katie

Leah said...

Ok, your kids are just scrumptious! Sorry my non-scrumptious child made you guys leave today. Ahhh, he's a terror!

Wendy said...


The naked shot -- she's gonna be so mad at you later in life for that one!!

My girls constantly seem to find the lipsticks and try putting it on as well!! Enjoy it now, because when they're older it won't be so cute!!

Leah Finch said...

Ok the no shower, road trip look is not doing me good at all! I love Bella the snow princess and Olea my Budda baby!

Jessica Stier said...

Cute!!! I love the lipstick. It's way more fun to laugh at it and take a picture isn't it? I have some pictures of Uly doing that but it's just not the same... :)

Cardon Family said...

What a fun busy...yet not so busy day! I bet Bella had a blast in the snow....and her lipstick is classic....she is definitley all girl!!!