Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas crafts

Rach came down yesterday and we decided to be crafters and make these cute christmas balls. I am so in the spirit these days!! here is a picture of darling "Cho" getting right to it. Of course we did not finish, because of the kids, kids, kids. With my two and her sweet one, its a house full! and I say I want four of them?? hmmmmm, might half to rethink that one!!


Rachael said...

If only we had a picture of your house by the time we were done. It is amazing what three kids unsupervised can do...YIKES! I had so much fun and I am jealous that your balls are better then mine-LOL! Love ya!

Leah said...

Ok, that's so funny. I just got the pottery barn catalog yesterday and showed these to Geoff and said, " I think I could actually make these!"
They turned out awesome. Maybe someday I'll actually make something.

Jessica Stier said...

They look so good! You've inspired me.