Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Cardon playdate


Luke 2

here is Natalie holding luke 1. He was asleep for the babies on the couch shot.

Thursday was the Cardon playdate up at Nat's house. It was fun to see how fast the babies are growing, and to share some ideas with the other momma's while eating some yummy soups and breads! thanks again ladies! looking forward to next month!


Katie Kempton said...

CUTE KIDS!! Looks like you guys have a blast with all these cute babies. How fun that you get together every month!!!! Love, Katie

Rachael said...

That was fun! I am stealing these pictures from you and posting them on my blog...sorry! I love the pics of Jack! We need to do our family Christmas picture soon! Love ya!

Leah said...

Are you kidding with that first picture of Jack? Rachael you frame that one HUGE right now!!!

Leah Finch said...

You are so good! I miss you all and wish I could of been there!