Monday, September 22, 2008

September sunshine

Fancy mud pie!

Olea with her pink high tops on and her hair (pre-cut)


My dear friend Leah has been so helpfull this past week and has had Bella over to her house almost every afternoon so I could get a few things done. Here are some pictures of Bella and Isaac with their mud pie that they worked so hard on, and Olea with her new bob hair-do.
photo's, courtesy of Leah Wright


Jessica Stier said...

Would you mind asking Bella and Isaac if I could have a piece of their mud pie for breakfast today?

Great photos!


Leah said...

Love you all!

Wizzard_MoM said...

I love Olea's new hair do!! It's so darling. Kind of reminds me of Lucy's. It looks great to see Bella with all the "dirt covered legs" and still have pretty toes. These are the things good memories are made of.

wendybird said...

Oh, those big brown eyes!

Jenny said...

Just how cute can these children be? I love the one of Bella on the innocent. And Olea's hair is adorable!