Monday, September 29, 2008

Walker Reunion, Moab!

SOME of our family! and I am having sizing problems, I may fix them, and I may not since it's a rarity that I have the computer!

the Walkers

The McDonalds

The Original Walkers...Mom, Grandma, Eric, Owen

Olea, and Grandma...beauties!!

Uly, Gar, kiddos playing and poor little Magnus got tagged by everyone!

This is Cora, she is truly scrumptious!!

Trying so hard to blow those bubbles out of there!

The park had this whole musical playground, and Bella was in heaven! She played those things for hours!!

A couple of fake worms, someones shoe, a headband worn like a visor, and a playground,....Olea's heaven!

This last weekend I took the girls down to Moab for the Walker Reunion, on my Mom's side. We spent the day at the Park visiting with all the relatives and eating a ton of food, then we had a photo fest! it was a blast!! Ben couldn't make it because he was working on his latest painting for his show in Sante Fe this coming Friday!! we missed you Daddy!!


michelle said...

I think we are related! That tree with Ida Haseltine's name on it. I'm pretty sure that she is in my family tree. It is similar to my mom's maiden name that was changed a few generations later but I know at some point it was haseltine. I'm going to look this up, how strange!

Leah said...

Um, the picture of Olea. So classic. That's hilarious.

Jenny said...

Oh how fun! You all look so happy in the big family picture. I love me some family.