Monday, June 8, 2009

Bella's Preschool Graduation

She was so excited to get dressed for her big day! all she could talk about for days was wearing her yellow outfit to graduation! Mrs. Peay's class was full of little tot lets singing the nursery rhymes and each took their turn to be the main character, Bella being Little miss Muffet. It was so super cute! and she was so proud of herself!



Leah Finch said...

I love her coloring picture - another artist in the making! (Wow - I haven't had a computer in so long I have missed so many posts! I love all the pictures!)

Simply Mel said...

The excitement is written all over her face (especially in the first picture)! Love her yellow outfit, and her sister is just so squeezable cute...I have a 16-month old little chunk too! Girls are the best!

katie said...

yeah for bella! love the outfit!!! bella looks so beautiful & grown up :)

we miss you guys! cant wait to see you for the reunion!