Friday, June 5, 2009

just saw this

Thanks to Kyle and Lesley for showing me this, I had no idea, but it's fun to see!
p.s. does anyone know why when I load my photos through Photobucket that they sit to the left side of the paige??


Breeze said...

Simply Beautiful!!! She's a Natural Beauty just like her Mama!!

Lindsay Kay Photography said...

This is how I figured it out. If you use the html code for centering pictures, it should fix it. Hope that helps.

You don't know me but my friend showed me your blog and I love it! Your photography is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

angie b said...

I have LOVED your blog for a while and come to visit from time to time. I was wondering the same thing with our photos not too long ago and finally fixed it. If you click in the post after putting the picture in, just hit the "center" on the top bar. (It will look like a bunch of lines in a row).

If this doesn't work there is also a way to just do it in PS that I recently learned. I'd be happy to let you know if you can't make it work with photobucket.

Anyway....keep up the awesome photography, I hope you are in buisness with this!!!!