Monday, June 8, 2009

Look at what I'm drippin with

Little Girls!!! I got to keep my sweet nieces this weekend while the aunties went to NYC! I was a bit jealous, but it was so fun having our girl party at home! Chloe, Ellie, Gabby, Bella , and Coco are my favorite gal pals, and I have never ate so much junk in one weekend!

We had so many owies happen during this course of four days! Coco's eye is so swollen and bruised in this photo. She got bonked by the swing.
can you say The Little Mermaid ten times fast? that's how many times this show played! but that's not all we did, the happenings included, a trip to Jump On It, The Farmers Market, the Bazaar at Haven Salon to get a Pink hair extension from Jan, The movie Up (which I highly recommend!!), the Provo pool, and of course the park!
Pink icing on Graham crackers made all the owies go away!


Leah Finch said...

Oh my Goodness, the girls had a blast! Thank You Thank You Thank You! I have the best brother and SISTER-in-Law EVER! Love you guys! The pictures are great!

Simply Mel said...

What a fun-filled weekend - the girls are beyond cute and the pink frosted graham crackers made me drool! yum!

katie said...

oh my! looks like a FUN weekend!!! i wish nora & i could have hung out with you girls!

Leah said...

How darling is the sleepover picture! Love that. You get best auntie of the year award for sure!

Ashley Thalman said...

since I didn't subscribe to your blog (why didn't I?) I didn't know how to find you to tell you this:
1. I saw you at Farmer's Market last weekend. (2 ago)
and now that I'm here I want to tell you:
2. I saw you and your man on Ira's show.
3. I want 5 daughters and these pics remind me of that.