Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bella's first day of Kindergarten

I was so Happy to get Bella into a private school that wears uniforms! although I will miss decking her out every day, it really makes it easy to get her ready for school. She was so excited to start class last monday!
Here is the beauty, sporting her little snageltooth!

When i took her out in the yard to snap a photo, she was so excited, she was dancing around, I could hardly keep her still!
They took the kids outside for flag ceremony. Her teacher, Mrs. Strong is behind her.


Wendy said...

She's gorgeous as always!! What school do you have her in??

Cutzi said...

And is Gar in her class too?

Jan Scarpino said...

Oh my goodness.. I just love this sassy girl and her uniform! Too cute.

Leah said...

Never seen a cuter girl in a uni. Her hair is so long too!!

kristina said...

I have her in American Heritage for those who are curious.