Sunday, August 31, 2008

Batista/Fisher kiddo's

Kate and Ruby Batista!

Luke Fisher.........Football player?!

Yesterday at about 1:15pm I pushed the pager for the phone and realized I had left it down stairs on the washer. Olea was following me around, of course, so I picked her up and headed down stairs. I took two steps and suddenly realized I was going to fall down the hard, hard, steep stairs with my baby! so instead of falling naturally, I leaned back so I wouldn't squish my baby, and I fell HARD on my bum and left elbow. I hit so HARD that Olea flew out of my arm and landed two steps down onto the floor. she hit her cheek and was crying so I had no time to deal with the pain, but pick her up and comfort her then try to climb back up those dang stairs. Then, I called Ben and said, in my cracked voice...I just fell down the stairs and....oh no... I think I am going to pass out! then hung up, and almost did, within two minutes Ben had run all the way home from his studio, (because I had his car) wasn't that so sweet?! 1:29pm I hear a knock and it is time for me to go take some photos of these adorable kids I had been anticipating! They were so fun I almost forgot the extreme pain I was in! Today, I am a mess and can barely move, gees why am I so clumsy?


Leah said...

These turned out great! I'm so sorry that happened to you! Is the heating pad working at all?

Leah Finch said...

WOW! I love all of the pictures, I had to scroll down, I had missed a lot. I'm so sorry you fell, that is the worst!!! Love and miss you guys.

Cardon Family said...

Those pictures are darling....those stupid stairs! I can't believe that...I bet you are in so much pain and how is little Olea's face? Well, one thing is for sure, you would have never known you were in pain from those pictures!

aaron&marianne said...

um, i've had the same thing happen- paper was on a carpeted step and i was holding a sleeping haily - ow!- the bruise on my sass was huge and black for about a sorry! hope get bet soon!

wendybird said...

Ouch! Your pain certainly doesn't show in theese gorgeous photos, what cute kids!
P.S. IF you ARE clumsy it's just to make you seem a little more human to the rest of us. . . okay, to me! :)