Saturday, August 23, 2008

A trip to Grandmas

A View from Grandmas yard!

Bella sitting on a log, looking at the deer and the lake.

Olea in all her glory!

Throwing rocks in the lake was one of the girls favorite things to do!

Gina and her boys!

Mom skipping a rock.

We are back after a very relaxing trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Lake Pend Oreille! it was sort of a spure of the moment thing, my mom was heading there two sundays ago, and I decided to catch a ride. Ben had to stay home but flew out last Friday. Here are just a few pictures for now. Yes, I was obsessed with the sunsets!


Leah said...

So glad you guys are back. We all missed you! And member how you had a birthday and you haven't talked about it? I have your present, but I can't bring it to you till Monday because it's not done yet. I hope you will still accept it.

Love these pictures! Looks like heaven to me.

wendybird said...

How beautiful! I was wondering what had become of you. I think I'd be visiting Grandma a lot in that gorgeous spot!
You guys should have stopped in to say 'hi' when you were out. . .we still need to have you out too! Soon?

aaron&marianne said...

birthday! well happy b-day miss! i really love these evening shot pics they take on a whole different feel- very fun to see.

Cardon Family said...

I was wondering where you guys had gone!:) What a blast! It looks like it was so relaxing and enjoyable....good times and good memories. Those trips are the best!