Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More memories to savor!

Believe it or not, I did leave a few photos out!

enjoying some time with Great Grandma!

Lela on the swing, looking out at da yake.

Ben standing next to a peice of the Berlin wall at the front Gate of a neighbors home.

I guess sitting in the forest watching the dear go by and skiing or boarding all day long just isn't enough!, this one is for real!

This one wasn't posed or anything! Ben took our little family out for dinner in to an awesome pizza place our last night there and by the time we arrived our two little hobbits had fallen asleep...perfect timing because we were able to park the car next to some seating looking over the lake and sunset, it was a beautiful gift! the food was amazing, and we had a little fun loving photoshoot!


wonder woman said...

Wow- a piece of the Berlin Wall. That's incredible.

Love the impromptu shoot at the pizza parlor.

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Kiera said...

LOVE that last shot!!

Leah said...

Um, these are sooo good!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you and Ben. The one of Lela on the swing--frame now. Ben by the bus, amazing. The Berlin wall, can't really talk about it. So freaking cool

I'm obsessed with these.

Leah said...

Oh, and the Wino posting. HILARIOUS!

Janet said...

Sweeeet! Wish we could have been there...we had a fun long weekend with Jess & boys tho'. Surely not as warm as you guys!