Monday, August 4, 2008

Gabby's Birthday!

She's 5!

With her Daddy!

Snow White came!

Gabbs with Snow White (Jan's little sister), and Jan

This girl knows how to make a mad swing!

Playing with her new toys after the party.

Happy birthday Gabbers! Danny and Jan had a supper fun party for her on Saturday. There were Hello Kitty stuff everywhere, and Snow White even came to give hugs! afterwards everyone went swimming at the Provo pool. It was a fun filled day!!


wendy said...

How fun does that whole day look! Everyone should have a Snow White on their speed-dial.
p.s. where did the princess sash come from? I think I need one. . . yes, for myself.

kristina said...

ha, you kill me wendy!, I think they got the sash at Zurchers! and yes, you definitely need one!

aaron&marianne said...

i want snow white at my bday party! what a lucky and loved girl!

Just be...... said...

Love princess parties!
The picture of her swinging is priceless!

Jenny said...

So sweet! Is Gabby your niece? She must be related...she's beautiful just like your children!