Monday, March 23, 2009


This is the ranch that is across the street from us. It is quite a strange sound to hear waves crashing, cows mooing, and a rooster crow at 4:00 in the morning!

This is a view through my sunglasses of Waimea bay.

The waves were huge this day, I almost got taken out on some rocks trying to get a picture.

This is a picture to show how big some of the waves were after they crashed.

oh to be a kid again!!

Me and my almost two year old!

Bella drew all of the Sponge Bob characters to perfection, Olea destroyed them before I could get a photo.

Here is Sean sculpting a hand with the peace sign.

what a masterpiece! Those dang artists can make beauty out of nothing! I have to admit that I did not cook a single meal hear. Between Ben and Sean, i was so hooked up with delicious food, and now I will be coming home with a souvenier on my rear, but the love was so amazing, I should have documented dishes!!


Niki Carter said...

Is it okay to admit that I am jealous! All of it - you, your beautiful kids, your amazing photos, the fact that you get to live in this paradise and did you say your husband cooks too?? Not fair, I say, not fair!

Michael and Cordie said...

Love the pictures of Olea! SO BEAUTIFUL!! Amazing pictures once again!

Leah said...

Those ones of Olea!! I can't get over them. I know your bummed to come home, but I've never been more excited!!

katie said...

amazing photos! we love every one of them. cant wait to see you :) love you guys!