Friday, March 6, 2009

Monk Seal

While Jason and Katie were here, they wanted to check out the set of Lost which is 5 min. down the beach from us. It was getting dark and Ben thought that he spotted a turtle, so Jason and Katie went on ahead to check it out and instead found this Monk Seal. It was making the craziest sounds by snorting at us when we got to close, so we admired it from a fair distance about 3 feet away.

These were taken earlier that day at Pipeline. We went to watch some of the board competitions.

Coco spreading the love bug!

Check out that stash!


Emily said...

These warm-looking pictures are so amazing to see on a chilly Chicago afternoon.

The set of Lost??? Wow!

Have a fantastic week.

Mamie said...

what about the monk seal!!!? haha that is so cool! Kristina ofcourse I am going to pay you!!!! And to top it off I love just easy casual pictures! Those are the best! Are you guys going to the reunion in june!!!? I sure hope so

Michael and Cordie said...

Love all the updates!!! You are so LUCKY to be in Hawaii for a while!!!!

Leah Finch said...


Jan Scarpino said...

I need some Coco love!♥