Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old man in a shell

We are home now, arrived last wednesday the 25th, Olea's birthday at about 7:30 in the morning (3:30am Hawaii time). We got a shock of pain (cold) when we stepped off the airplane. I thought for sure we had passed winter, but no. My family suprised us with a warm welcome home filled with huckleberry waffles and whipped cream, and Leah brought over some much needed groceries! It's so nice to know we are loved!! Then on Friday we packed up again and went to New Mexico for new baby Jane and baby Norah's blessing. It was a lovely reunion, but didn't get to hold the babies as much as I wanted to, which was probably a good thing! I am now way far behind on pictures and have a ton of posts to catch up on!

This guy is old! and huge! he (I think) beaches in the same spot every other day or so. Ben and Sean found an even older, bigger turtle in the reef.

Catching fish, just for fun.

Does this crack anyone else up too?


3 Peas in a Pod said...

What huge turtles!! Yes that pictures cracks me right up!!! They look so funny sticking their faces right up next to the turtle.

The pictures are beautiful. I just can't say it enough but your girls are just so sweet and beautiful!! I'm a little sad you're home but know you couldn't stay there forever. You were my way to escape the cold of New Jersey. Spring is here but the trees and grass are still brown and dingy. Glad you arrived safely home and made it to New Mexico. Hopefully the weather was warmer there.

Much love from NJ,

Leah said...

These are amazing. I seriously wont rest until I see this turtle when were out there. I never got to see one when I lived there and that's just plain ridiculous.

We're SO happy to have you back. And yes, you are loved!

Capture said...

What a memorable time for you and your family Kristina! The pictures are beautiful and ones that you can cherish forever. Welcome back to the mainland...it has got to be bittersweet for sure. I was so incredibly sad to say goodbye when we left, but so happy to be home.
K x

katie said...

holy moly! that turtle is huge! and benny looks so brave feeding him and swimming with him! awesome photos :) it was so great to see you guys this weekend. thanks for coming down for the blessing. looks like we will be headed up there this next weekend :)

love you guys!

Leah Finch said...

WOW! I didn't even notice the turtle at first, just those cute girls! We were so glad you came! Miss you already! Hopefully see you soon!

Brooke said...

She looks like the little girl on the Coppertone sunscreen, very cute.