Monday, March 23, 2009


The set of Lost is just down the beach from us. The first time I went walking alone down that way, it was just after the sun had set and there was no one else around but me, the sea, and the set of lost...I was totally freaked out!!!

Ben met Mr. Lock (Terry O'Quinn) while standing in line at Foodland. They had quite the chat. He is a very cool guy!

The beach where it all happened.


3 Peas in a Pod said...

Such amazing photos. The last picture is my favorite!

Mr. Lock looks like a nice chap. How cool is that that Ben got to meet him and chat with him. Nice to know he's a nice guy.

Much love from NJ,

wendybird said...

Oooo, my jealousy grows and grows! :) Loved the pics in this and your previous post! Always so beautiful.

Michael and Cordie said...

I love that show! I am sooooo jealous! You really could win an award for making us ALL jealous!!! :)

Rachel Mae said...

Amzaing! I can't believe you're really there, that Ben really met Mr. Locke, and everything. How cool!

Leah said...

Holy freak, I've never been more excited. We just booked out tickets.

Blue Cheese said...

Trying sooooo hard not to be super jealous. I rejoice in your good fortune. I rejoice in your good fortune. I rejoice in your good fortune.

MOLLY said...

i look at your blog every once in a while just to relax. good music, and of course great photos.