Thursday, July 10, 2008

At the Ranch

Ben got to ride the horses, but all I had was flip flops and high heals so I didn't :(. I heard that Ben's horse decided to gallop a bit and went straight for a large branch, so Ben had to do a Matrix move by laying back onto the horses hiney in order to keep his head attached!

We went on a little family hike up a beautiful crevice in the mountain. It was Divine!

Sean D. always has the hook up! we stayed at his Uncle's ranch the first night. It was beautiful! I never thought I could be in New Mexico and be surrounded by pine trees and have the tip of my nose froze! it was a great getaway! and smelled absolutely lovely!


Leah said...

These are beautiful. I love the one of you and Coke, and Coke walking with Ben in the background.

katie said...

these are great pics...looks like santa fe was fun :) i am freaking excited to get to know you and the girls better here in the future ;)