Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is Ben's latest painting titled "Searching" to view the video go here ...his words below

I have always been conflicted between painting and film, painting it what I do, and film is what I have always wanted to do. So this project entitled searching is my attempt at both. The idea is to paint 4 near complete paintings celebrating four world religions. I met a young man in Orem Ut. who was a practicing Hassidic Jew. He had no obvious Jewish heritage beyond the trappings of his wispy beard and yamika. He timidly stocked groceries behind the towering boxes hiding from my inescapable gaze, as if he new I was on the model hunt. He never did model, no way he was going to shave his beard, but none the less he inspired the idea. The final piece is framed in a cathedral style about 6 inches deep with a drawer in the side containing an LCD monitor, thus allowing the narrative to play next to the final piece.



Leah said...

That was gorgeous. Ben, you're so creative! I love it!

Stephanie said...

You're both so creative, you with your photography and your husband with his art. Ever wonder what your children may get into?

Kiera said...

Chills I tell ya! I'm glad you guys had a good trip but it's also good to have you back. : )

aaron&marianne said...

i am not close to ben's skill at all but i also love film and painting- this was a cool post to read- so ya- do both- and intermix when in works!