Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Red, White and Blue

I thought I should post some pictures from the 4th of July before July is over! The pics of Bella and Gabby are from our little Provo Parade. The Primary had the kids bring their bikes and decorate them before the parade. They were so excited to actually be IN a parade!! Popsicles followed.
I missed not having Bella on the 4th while we were in Sante Fe. But she had a girl party with Aunt leah, and her cousins Chloe, and Ellie, so we just had coke to chase, and boy did I chase her around the town. I got so tyred after a while, I took some balloons off of a (closed) shop's door and gave them to her so I knew where to find her in the crowd.


Jessica Stier said...

Brilliant idea for keeping tabs on Olea!
Adorable photos (as usual!!!).


The Hillan Family said...

I been loving all your pictures and seeing what you guys have been doing this summer. I think you need to head over the mountians for a visit here! The girls get cuter each time I see another picture of them!