Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

There are a few great things about living in Utah, and Pioneer Day is one of them! we pretty much get to re-live independence Day, with Barbe-Q's, friends and family time, and fireworks.
We started the day off with tickles and giggles as our bed was taken over by the girls! then spent the afternoon at a beautiful ranch in Mount Pleasant with a big artist group hosted by the Stewarts, then spent the evening in Levan where my parents live, to enjoy the festivities of the town. The day was full of sunshine, live bands, scrumptious food, and awesome fireworks! Boy, am I grateful for those pioneers, (the strongest people to ever live)! they endured so much for us!!!l


Leah said...

OOoo, that one of the two of them together, so freaking cute.

aaron&marianne said...

such a lovely spread of pioneer day pics!

Kiera said...

These are great pictures. The shadow one...fabulous, the girls holding it, the fireworks, Amazing!