Thursday, July 17, 2008


o.k., I've been tagged... again, but this time I decided to participate! Thanks Jan!

I am.. a dreamer
I think.. there are alot of good people in the world

I know.. I am blessed

I want.. 2 more kids, and to paint again some day

I have.. 2 beautiful girls, and a sweet man

I wish.. for land for my kids to roam on

I hate.. evil, war, and January!

I miss.. being a kid with no worries, oh... and Italy!
I fear.. losing one of my children or husband!!

I feel.. peace... most of the time

I hear.. my girls giggling, the sound of a distant jet, waves crashing (I wish)

I smell.. lilacs

I search.. for new spots to take photographs, and beautiful islands to visit

I wonder.. why there are people that choose to not believe in God

I regret.. nothing! I believe we learn and gain from everything we do in life

I love.. sunshine!

I care.. for the people that are suffering in 3rd world countries

I always.. eat breakfast , and wear lip gloss!,
I am not.. a working momma, I am a hard working mother! which I love!

I believe.. the pioneers were the strongest people that ever lived

I dance.. when I want to make my husband and kids laugh

I sing.. only in the car, or nighttime lullabies to my babies

I don't always.. like to socialize

I write.. short, because I am not very good at it

I win.. my man's smile when I decide to cook dinner

I lose.. myself in Photography and Art! or should I say find myself

I never.. want to die before I see my kid's kids!

I listen.. to beautiful scores from movies (soundtracks) when I need to be uplifted and inspired

I can usually be found.. with Olea on my hip

I'm scared of.. losing one of my kids, and being in war.

I read.. fashion, Art, home and garden magazines whenever I can

I am happy about.. having fulfilled so many dreams!

I tag Rachel, Leah F, Leah W, Kiera, and Jessica


Jan lindsay said...

I feel the same about the tagging thing.. I never got into it, but I loved this one so I had to send it to you! It felt refreshing to have some time to really ponder about who I am.. I loved reading yours! It is easy to feel how true to the heart we all respond when given the chance..

wendy said...

I loved learning more about you on this post! You are truly beautiful inside and out!

~W E N D Y ~ said...

Kristina -- I loved reading this one -- I feel that I too had a chance to learn more about who you really are.

Leah Finch said...

I Thanks for the tag ;)

Alyssa said...

Like the others - I feel like I got to know more of the real Kristina. I had no idea you were so into art and photography yourself, but it shows in the pics you have on here. Beautiful shots of Sante Fe and Hare Krishna temple.

christensen family said...

Hi Kristina! I came across your blog and soon realized that I knew who you were. We went to High School together. I think you are such a talented photographer and you have such a beautiful family. I am looking for a new camera and I was wondering what kind of camera and lens you are using. If you could email me my address is: Thanks!