Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hare Krishna

This is inside where the service took place. Bella found her spot.

Ben making peace with the Lamas!

There was a huge bird cage, and they were all talking to us, saying hello, hi, come back, and we got them to say Bella. It was a trip!

Sunday we went for a drive and came across the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. We decided to go inside. Ben had taken Bella there before so she was very comfortable and knew exactly what to do. She took her shoes off, went upstairs and sat down to listen to the music. She knew her way around the whole place. It was a neat experience and a beautiful temple. Ben spotted some old ornate doors sitting on the top deck. The next day he went back and smooth talked the owners and bought them for the Bridge academy building.


.caroline armelle. said...

i forgot about that place. i've been to their festivals a long time ago.. beautiful place!
loving your pics!

Jan Lindsay.. said...

Fun pictures! My very favorite is the one of Olea's profile. So beautiful! Love her great big gorgeous brown eyes.. Gotta love her yummy neck rolls too! Bella looks a little mischievous sitting alone on the bench. Hmm.. What could I get into next!?
LoVe ThOsE GiRlS..

Jessica Stier said...

I just saw this place on my way home from the Scottish Festival. I turned around and drove up to the edge of their driveway. I made a mental note to go back and take some photos! It is so beautiful. It made me long to go to India and also eat naan.

Joshua Ligairi said...

I've never seen your blog before today. I really like the photos and this posting has inspired me to visit the Krishna temple again (we shot a movie there a few years ago). Your blog has also inspired me to get a better camera before Zoe grows up too much more. I have a really nice film camera, but for some reason decided to skimp when we went digital. Big mistake. Anyway, love your blog. I have a feeling we'll be checking it our more in the future.